Conceived as a low-volume model, the XK120 Roaster proved considerably more popular than expected, with the result that the expensive-to-produce, ahs-framed alloy coachwork was replaced by steel after 240 cars had been completed, though, as with this car presented, the bonnet (hood) , doors, and boot lid (trunk lid) remain aluminum.

This car’s heart was, of course, is the fabulous XK engine. Conceived in wartime, the 3.4 litre “six” embodied the best of modern design, boasting twin overhead camshafts running in an aluminum-alloy cylinder head, seven main bearings and a maximum output of 160bhp. When installed in the lightweight XK120, the result was a car with a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio and blistering performance.

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Location: Plumsteadville, Pennsylvania, United States