2002 Jaguar XJ8

The good….

4.0L V8 (290 hp & 290 ft-lbs of torque) & 5 speed automatic transmission.

Power windows, power seats, A/C, sunroof, cruise control, stereo w/ tape & CD changer all work.

Matching General AltiMAX RT43 tires with decent tread left.

Very comfortable car- I’ve taken 6 hour trips without stopping. In my opinion, this version of the XJ8 is more comfortable than the new XJ.

The bad….

Wouldn’t start a couple months ago- cranked, but no start. The oil level was low- when I filled it, car started right up. To be safe I took it to my mechanic (a Jaguar specialist)- he checked and found that cam chain tensioners are cracked & will need to be replaced. For him to do it it’s a $1800 job. I could do it cheaper, but no longer have time or inclination for major repair projects.

It’s been starting okay- I normally drive it daily, but have left it for more than a week with no problems. He said even when it doesn’t start, just crank it to build up oil pressure & it’ll start. It’s been my daily driver for 2-1/2 years & I’ve taken it on some long drives. But, I commute 55 miles to work and don’t want to risk the possibility that I could leave work one day & have it decide that’s the day to finally quit.

On cold (below freezing) mornings there is a “low oil pressure” warning for a few minutes. Once the oil (Mobil1 5W-30) warms up a little the warning goes off.

There is also a “check rear lights” warning. The right brake light is out & I’ve replaced the bulb, but it’s not the bulb. Checking the Jaguar forum, it’s likely the lighting control module is out. I’m not buying a new one from Jaguar and haven’t checked eBay or junkyards for a used one.

Heated seats don’t work (I got a 2nd set of seats to see if they’d work- they don’t).

Some paint peeling on hood. The usual chips & dings for a 16 year old car with 110k+ miles. When washed & waxed, it still looks good (& not like every other car on the road). Hood ornament & fender emblems were removed (I’ve got the right fender emblem but put reflectors on both sides).

The ugly….

None. Very traditional Jaguar styling inside & out. In some cases “traditional” means outdated, but it certainly won’t be confused with anything else on the road (in my opinion, at first glance a new XJ looks like a Kia Optima).

There are four options- 1) drive it until it quits (could be weeks, months or years), 2) have a mechanic fix it, 3) fix it yourself, or 4) use for parts. If you mostly drive local &/or are mechanically inclined, 1 & 3 are good for you. It’s in too good shape overall to go straight to 4.

Includes one key with remote, two cut but unprogrammed keys (dealer told me there’s no chip- can be used to open doors & trunk), owner’s manual, & digital shop manual (CD).

Also includes two extra wheels & two extra front seats.

Approximately 112k miles (still driven daily).

Price: Auction

More info: Listing has ended. Click to search on eBay for similar 2002 Jaguar XJ (Affiliate link)

Location: Ewing, New Jersey, United States