Ok, here’s a time capsule if I’ve ever seen one. This is a 1988 Jaguar XJS V12 with only 29k original miles.

We bought this car with a bunch of others out of a climate controlled garage where it had been sitting for about 20 years with 12 of its closest friends. This is probably one of the cleanest examples of one of these that I’ve ever seen. This one was finished in Dorchester gray with light gray leather interior. It’s amazing how clean this thing is for how long it’s been sitting.

The underside is as nice as the top. Not a speck of rust anywhere and is as straight as an arrow. The seats, carpets, and headliner are all in great shape. Still smells like English leather inside.

This was a one owner car until we got it. I went through it and put a battery, fuel pump, and cleaned things up a bit – the V12 took off like it was brand new. I’ve personally been driving it for the past few weeks to shake the bugs out and get things moving again. Every button seems to work, the lights work, the heated seats still work, and the air conditioning is still cold after all of this time (no I didn’t charge it). It doesn’t smoke, it doesn’t leak, and it doesn’t overheat at all. It will probably need a service if it’s going to be put into regular driving though – change the fluids, filters, tires, plugs, etc. Even though the tires don’t vibrate, they look original to the car and I’m pretty sure Pirelli doesn’t make the P5 anymore. They’ve still got great tread on them, but not sure I’d want to drive on them at 100mph for any length of time.

The brakes stop straight, the steering is tight, the transmission shifts great, and the car runs excellent. I’ve had it cruising at 75mph many times in the last couple weeks and it’s very calm and collected. No pulls, no shakes, nothing obnoxious. I did find out the hard way that the fuel gauge works when it wants to. It needs shock bushings, they make noise. No two ways around it. They rattle. The shocks seem to work fine but the rubber bushings where they bolt to the body have either disintegrated over time or have been misplaced. The car has one (that I can find) tiny ding on it, above the door handle, that should be an easy PDR out. It’s no bigger than a pencil eraser, but it’s there.

The good things: The car is straight as an arrow and no rust to be seen, door gaps and paint are as near perfect as factory. Runs great, stops straight, and every button that I’ve pushed works. Very nice clean old car.

The not-so good stuff:

  • The cruise doesn’t work – haven’t dug into it
  • I had the trunk open to jump the car and haven’t been able to open it since – comes with a free jump box, not attached…still starts every time
  • Shock bushings need replaced – noisy
  • Cranks a little while longer after sitting – probably tune up, cleans up within a few seconds
  • Radio displays “code”- Small exhaust leak in the pipe, right before the muffler.
  • Small scratches in trunklid by license plate

This is a great old car that deserves being put back together and being on the road.

I drove it daily for a few weeks and have no doubt it would make it back to wherever you’re going, but i would suggest a good once over of the car before traveling long distances. It sat a LONG time. It does everything I’ve asked it to do, i suspect it will do the same for you.

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