The Jaguar XJS-12

Why This Car Is Special
The Jaguar XJ is a series of full-size luxury car produced by British automobile manufacturer Jaguar Cars and the 1980 XJS-12 that we have here at Skyway Classics was a flagship model for Jaguar.

Our Jaguar has the unusual V12 engine based loosely on an earlier design for an intended Le Mans car, the Jaguar XJ13. The V12 was only Jaguar’s second engine design to go into production in the history of the company. The all-alloy block has a SOHC two-valve alloy head with flat block mating surface and is regarded by some as one of the premier powerplants of the 1970s and 1980s.

Horsepower is only 285 horse power but the engine emphasizes torque rather than horsepower which is why it produces 399 pound-feet of torque. These early models were the quickest XJS models ever made, thanks to the shorter gearing in the transmission.

The beautiful and luxurious tan leather interior has a look that is clean and contemporary and looks great. It is sleek, sporty, and has acres of leather upholstery and appropriately comfortable. I could go on-and 0n about how nice it looks, but you need to see it in person.

Of course, it has all the options you expect in a Jaguar, air, power steering, windows, brakes, stereo radio, and much, much more.

The XJS has a great green paint job on the entire body including the insanely long hood, and it is one of the more aerodynamic cars of its time, with a lower coefficient of drag than that of the E-Type. The black bumpers, which were added to comply with new U.S. regulations, are in great shape as well as all the trim and badging.

The Jaguar XJS that we have here at Skyway Classics has an odd sort of niche as a classic car but in reality it was built as a grand tourer/executive coupe. The XJS-12 is a GT car that is for cruising around in comfort and style. And believe me, when you take it to a show and pop that hood, all eyes will be on that great 12 cylinder engine.

Location: Palmetto, Florida, United States

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