You are looking at a rare car….45 years old and only driven 12K miles!  I know mileage to be accurate as I have the car from the widow of the original owner (older gentleman and friend of my father) who drove car on special occasions and stored it indoors. It had been sitting for many years and only required a new battery,  carb cleaning and fresh fuel to run.  I drove car on weekends that summer …then I stored it in my garage for the next 11 years until I decided I had to unload some of my toys and take a break.  I refreshed the fuel,  gave a tune-up (mouse chewed plug wires), and stole a battery from my other xke to get it running.   Then replaced the rotted exhaust, put 4 new tires on stainless steel spoke wheels,  replaced all engine hoses,  and changed oil.

Canterbury, Connecticut, United States

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